Rejected Motives

It is but a mere illusion. Unrealistic moments, seem real when you really want it. Perfection is what we strive for but we're human, using every effort for progression, no excuses. Give your all into your casket falls. Confront every obstacle, small or tall. We all started from a crawl it turned into steps. To reach inner strength got to have some reps. The short repercussions take note of shortcomings, because what great successor didn't go through something? Societies rejected, only seeking God's acceptance. Believe in what you want ignore negative perceptions. People tell me now that what I want is unreal. It's crazy that negativity is the first thing I hear. it's becoming more of a trend this day in age, for people to tear down instead of build so they say. But I'm not down for the destruction I want to be part of constructing. Something has to get better before it gets worse, coming from someone who has always known hurt. A misguided mind who doesn't know where to travel. following my heart as my feet hit the gravel. Though my role isn't on your map I'm still moving you can't ignore that. I could have gave up after the times I was denied but the rejection keeps me going so everyday I still try.

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