I'm praying for the best and that's what I'm working on

Heart, Mind, Body & Soul

Thoughts coming from a dark place

Pain all over my body I wish I couldn't feel a thing,

Cause my heart done been hurt plenty times

Stress on my mind, so many people died.

They telling me "it's good, just pray and hope they fly.

To the heavens and maybe we'll see them in the afterlife".

But it's hard when someone that you once held dear

Is gone. You feel alone, face flooding with tears

Attempting to drown my sorrow in a bottle

Trying to numb the pain now ain't worried about tomorrow

Thinking. "what the f*** is going wrong with the cosmos?"

Take a gulp, think some more, inside I feel so hollow

Empty. Inside I'm feeling finished like this liquor I'm sipping

And don't judge if you aint been in this position

Sometime it seems we do whatever heals the fastest

My foot down gassing trying to avoid the crashes

On this road called life, the wrong turns happen everything feels right

Its kind of hard to find light

Lost in the dark all these thoughts weighing heavy up on my mind

Tunnel Vision. Though the sun looks far in the distant

I know it's gonna shine, even though I feel the dimmest

Wish the world would stop killing, cause people be wasting bullets

So eager to use that trigger finger cock it back and pull it

So many live lost, all over some gun shots

All over the globe different states and different blocks

All over something that aint worth it, like dollar signs

All over the world, people play with lives, RECOGNIZE

That everyday your eyes open is a blessing

Everydays another chance for progression

I would rather use my mind as a weapon

To kill all of the hate and the devil's interception

Of souls that were once wide open to god

I pray for better days and that's what I'm working on.

You never know, never know, never know

When you could go, you could go, you could go

Just stay strong, stay strong and hold on
Hold on I say

You never know, never know, never know

When you could go, you could go, you could go

Just stay strong even when you're feeling low, just hold on, hold on.

One Love,