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More Than Money (Prod. BluffGawd)

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She’s worth More Than Money to me (Repeat 4Xs)

AP Verse:
AnD God must’ve made you for me, you’re real it’s kind of hard to believe. It feels like I’m still In a dream, And if I am don’t wake me up let me die in my sleep. My walking talking breathing fantasy, everything I want don’t need marijuana for stress relief. She rides for me like a taxi, give me what I was missing income taxes. Better than what I could have imagined, I know what we both share is magic. Women tripping, Thinking they competition man please stop the madness, claim you a dime, But my worth more than what cash is. Feeling like the richest man alive, a feeling dollars can’t define, and you can check all the worlds gold mines, they still can’t compare to what’s in my mind, all these endless thoughts of you, thought meeting my dream girl was impossible. Your existence defines the word beautiful, and since I got you I know I have a lot to lose.

She’s worth more than money to me, she’s worth more than money to me. The one dollars can’t afford, so hard to ignore, everywhere we go it ain’t hard to see that. She’s worth more than money to me, she’s worth more than money to me the one dollar can’t afford so hard to ignore everywhere we go it a hard to see that.

Easy’s Verse:
Know your worth we live in learn your love was undeserving, I’m hunting purpose through these verses anxious never nervous, what you thinking? Burning blazes bridges is the furnace isn’t it amazing fighting miscommunication, kind of lit don’t try my patience, mind is rich my pockets vacant, it’s a thin line between I love you and hate you , but don’t mistake this piece of paper for a halo to save you, had a chance but didn’t take it, don’t you hide from me baby, driving me crazy I lie and you laid me inside a Mercedes, with Benzys living life in a frenzy, I’m no pretender but these fantasies are actually happening so fuck your fallacy, I’m magically some catch with this rapping you can’t imagine but...

She’s worth more than money to me, her love is deep I’m tryna drown in that sea, just need a chance and I’m a make her believe she makes me feel the richest by my side that’s my queen ahhh.

(Easyin2D Rideout)