Maddy's World 

Your presence is like the sun.
The way it radiates on everything and can make anything shine.

Since we met we have become; tighter than pants on jerks, would think we shared the same blood from birth. Memories often replay in my mind...

You took the path first. Told me you were good on the tree branched out, New growth from faith worked. Right under that lies family, who you would treat like royalty, mama surely raised a queen. Funny how you were both a queen and king of the castle. Taking risks to the…

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Rejected Motives 

It is but a mere illusion. Unrealistic moments, seem real when you really want it. Perfection is what we strive for but we're human, using every effort for progression, no excuses. Give your all into your casket falls. Confront every obstacle, small or tall. We all started from a crawl it turned into steps. To reach inner strength got to have some reps. The short repercussions take note of shortcomings, because what great successor didn't go through something? Societies rejected, only seeking God's…

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Dear Women, 

Dear Women, You are the fertile soil that keeps the world fruitful. So please excuse me if I call you beautiful. Even if you have a man I'm in admiration of your example.... Being a strong enough woman to know the stamina that is required to love forever. That understanding  helps you get through any scenario you'll imagine.  The man provides the seeds, but some plant them then leave. It takes two to harvest creating a family tree. So thank you beautiful, every word I meant it. Just know you…

I Love You. (My State) 

I love you Florida. I love all of you.


The good, bad, beauty, and ugly.


Been times that felt like you hated me and times you've loved me.


Memories shared with friends that became family.

Those days it felt hard to live happily,


Had to be a blessing in disguise for what the good lord had for me.


From the seashells on the beach, to southern hospitality from the heart to a plate to eat. I love you Florida. I love all of you

To the people I don't know, just know that I pray for you all…

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Freedom is NORML 


This event is nothing less than a blessing from above. This entire year I have put my focus on creating an atmosphere comfortable enough for anyone to attend. I wanted diversity from all angles and no limits to who's ear will receive the message. In comes the organization NORML. This organization represents the freedom of the people as it relates to the cannabis community. Cannabis ( like this music ) is beneficial to a large quantity of people around the globe regardless of race, sex, religion etc.


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Money:On Our (Independent) Minds 

Think about this; your whole life we are taught history lessons out of hand picked curriculum, someone else thought was good enough for us, and a great amount of perspective comes from all of our parents. Notice a trend here? Alot of our opinions came from other people, before we even realized the power of our independent minds.

 We all react to this truth in different ways throughout our transition from adolescence to adult. What's conflicting is how much the world tries to take away that right based off…

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It's Hard Sometimes 

(On my way to work) Wake up, traffic is full of people who only care about one thing; the destination. Of course where they are going is important but people are slamming on brakes, cussing one another out, blowing their horns, cutting each other off to the point that accidents form and all because of what? The destination. This is a direct reflection of the life we all live in everyday. We all want what we want, and we always want it on our terms which in most cases is asap. But if I have to risk killing…

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Language Of Life

It's a tough world we live in and too many times we forget it's beauty. I want everyone to feel comfortable posting however they feel about their day ( especially if its a bad day) I will give positive perspective and advice that has helped me in the past to aide you on your journey through life! One Love, -AP