Maddy's World

Your presence is like the sun.
The way it radiates on everything and can make anything shine.

Since we met we have become; tighter than pants on jerks, would think we shared the same blood from birth. Memories often replay in my mind...

You took the path first. Told me you were good on the tree branched out, New growth from faith worked. Right under that lies family, who you would treat like royalty, mama surely raised a queen. Funny how you were both a queen and king of the castle. Taking risks to the feed the fam doing what you had to.

That's why it's easy for me and you to see eye to eye. The smoke cleared we saw each other the truth has no disguise.

Being yourself was breathing love, speaking on faith, and what it does to the good, bad, and the lowest all the above.

You planted a seed in me, sprouted new positivity. Now I promote "Their is no height that your hands can't reach." Anything is a possibility.

Could've got leveled and buried dreams with a shovel, (Instead) I let negatives build me higher going for monumental. My co pilot is still flying looking down, Only difference is you have wings and no reason to frown. Thoughts forever in my mind can't forget your smile, And Imma never break my word until im in the clouds. Told you that we would come up I'm still elevating, Don't know a limit but this feeling is so amazing. 

Creating a better world off the strength of faith, Look around seeing so many with power gained. All I try to do everyday is see the world through your eyes, Unifying the world till we're united in the skies.

Maddy's World  

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