I Love You. (My State)

I love you Florida. I love all of you.


The good, bad, beauty, and ugly.


Been times that felt like you hated me and times you've loved me.


Memories shared with friends that became family.

Those days it felt hard to live happily,


Had to be a blessing in disguise for what the good lord had for me.


From the seashells on the beach, to southern hospitality from the heart to a plate to eat. I love you Florida. I love all of you

To the people I don't know, just know that I pray for you all often.

 Some of our minds adopted hate from generations, still hear racist statements, a continous chain on society black and white slavery. Trapped in your mind to think one side is better when we all breathe the same air and die together. 

Because some of us were lost souls that took others from this world out of what was learned at a young age, some knew wrong from right changed the pace started living the fast life in a never ending race.


Theirs no first place, no place at all in my opinion, for anyone who takes another life, out of spite I think you shouldn't be living.


Fortunate. God's blessing of life is what feels my spirit with wealth. It's what keeps me optimistic I can help.


But when I extend my hand to my fellow man, it gets pushed away. Because everybody knows everythang. So the thought of someone trying to help nowadays is recieved as someone tryna challenge your brain.


Its not an insult assuming you need help, we all do, if not you then someone else.

Put your pride aside and realize you're in your own way. Blocking blessings is settling in life. So think about that when you rethink all those times someone tried to help you through your day.


We need each other.... So I say with every ounce of compassion. If the worst comes and something bad happens...


I love you Florida. I love all of you. 

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