Money:On Our (Independent) Minds

Think about this; your whole life we are taught history lessons out of hand picked curriculum, someone else thought was good enough for us, and a great amount of perspective comes from all of our parents. Notice a trend here? Alot of our opinions came from other people, before we even realized the power of our independent minds.

 We all react to this truth in different ways throughout our transition from adolescence to adult. What's conflicting is how much the world tries to take away that right based off of the setting you are in.

 I'll just focus on the workplace for now... Jobs want to try to mold you into the best representation of the business that they can, removing the traits that you show when you're off the clock that make you, you.

This is a problem mostly because no one wants to be anywhere that makes us uncomfortable being ourselves, as we provide for our families. But most businesses will trade your character for a dollar just to meet quotas.

I just wish we wouldn't have sold our humanity and great portions of freedom for dollar bills that shape our countries economy, controlling our society right now. We value dollars more than our own breath, especially the breath of others.

It's not money itself but the person in position of power, controlling the money, that determines how good or evil it truly can be. My hope is more people start using money for good and realize how out numbered the evil is in America regarding dollars. Plant seeds for growth. Growth is what people need, money is an accessory.

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