Dark Place (Prod. Infinite Amo)

AP Coley

Blessings to all of my kings and queens worldwide 👑. I may not know exactly how each one of you feel personally right now, but I do know how I feel and I just wanted to share this expression with you.. This is a song from 2016 just so you know I have always been here and will still be here for you, even after the smoke clears. But the true battle starts within, and this song represented the first steps to where I'm at now, creating my own path as much as god allows. Allow your anger to be manifested into something progresive for you. Make that concept infectious for your community. This will be a growing process and to those who are willing to grow, thank you. Remember the four elements that keep you balanced and ready to handle the world, as well as continue your ascension beyond this world. Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul.

One Love,


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