This song is a song of power, a symbol of progress, and a portrait of peace. The world needs to know that the healing for all of the things we have been going through starts with us. Even though this life is crazy sometimes, near forget how precious life is.


There's More (Lyrics)
Verse 1
(Let the vibe just take ya, uh let the vibe just...)
Wake up, Cant wait, gotta do better than yesterday.
Open the blinds, look at the beauty my creator made.
Sleeping on the floor, sharing space with my roommate.
Both trying to get it, wanna come up in the worst way.
Starting from the basement, aiming for the attic.
My grind is a daily routine, so I'm stacking
-Seen so many around me,
Either die or not get to live what they dreamed.
Can't be me. No sir, wanna say I tried and achieved,
Leave all these doubters and skeptics in disbelief.
But the odds seem unfair, when the the people
just stare, and get controlled by the tv screens.
Or the smart phones smarter than most human beings.
Most people believe everything that they see.
These folks won't grow they'll die some seeds.
In a dog eat dog world, I can't be a flea.
Theres way more, to what we see.
Theres way more, for you and me.
Life has more, in store, if you believe.
Verse 2 
Speaking on these tracks is an itch I gotta scratch.
God gave me this gift, I gotta give the people something back.
The people are the worlds greatest asset.
So when did money become more important than life is?
People stressing over bills they can't pay, feeing suicidal till they fill up a grave.
It's hard to maintain, we need balance.
We should spread more peace to kill violence.
Dead presidents are the reason bodies piling.
People don't work for much, but keep whining.
Minds are slow, technology advancing.
Working like a slave, it's so hard to manage.
Minimum wage ain't shit, then sam puts his hand in,
Damnit! we all fall victim, I can't stand it...
Atlas my happiness can't be repossessed.
Today's a treasure, and I'm rich with every breath. 
Theres way more, to what we see. 
Theres way more, for you and me.
Life has more, in store, if you believe.
If you believe I know, the bad is gonna go.
In the past I fell so low, held on to faith and hope. 
And now i'm feeling so high, i'm up in the sky,
Up and away, and away we go.. We go... We go...
(Repeat 1X)