Freedom is NORML


This event is nothing less than a blessing from above. This entire year I have put my focus on creating an atmosphere comfortable enough for anyone to attend. I wanted diversity from all angles and no limits to who's ear will receive the message. In comes the organization NORML. This organization represents the freedom of the people as it relates to the cannabis community. Cannabis ( like this music ) is beneficial to a large quantity of people around the globe regardless of race, sex, religion etc.

The substance reminds me of what I want to do with my music; Be universally accepted. So I can't explain how much this type of platform means to me and those who believe in the message.

To everyone who has supported Spark, I have never forgotten all the times we shared, the moments that defined us leading to the life we live in today. I plan to carry the fire inspired by life ( And everyone in it ) and leave it on every stage.

I can't wait to see everyone there on 4/22/2017.
Check out the information in my shows section.

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