AP Coley

It's Hard Sometimes

(On my way to work) Wake up, traffic is full of people who only care about one thing; the destination. Of course where they are going is important but people are slamming on brakes, cussing one another out, blowing their horns, cutting each other off to the point that accidents form and all because of what? The destination. This is a direct reflection of the life we all live in everyday. We all want what we want, and we always want it on our terms which in most cases is asap. But if I have to risk killing myself to make it there I've made something else more important than the destination; the journey. What I'm saying is this; don't lose yourself on the journey to your destination and not make it there. With all of the different things that offer financial gain, self preservation and instant gratification it's easy to lose sight of what's truly important. It's Hard sometimes. But always remember how important where you want to be is and never settle for less. You deserve it.



My dawg got a website and he speaking that real... Well put AP

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